Annandale Design has established itself as one of UK's premier suppliers of architectural metalwork, from bespoke feature stainless steel staircases and canopies, to structural glass balustrading and street furniture.

Whether you are looking for a stunning feature staircase, a unique piece of street furniture or simply require standard metal handrails, Annandale Design can deliver your requirements.

Our enviable reputation and unquestionable expertise has been long established through our unrivalled levels of quality, highly skilled team and unique approach to the contracts we undertake.

We pride ourselves on our hands-on knowledge of the work involved with every member of the design and sales team from the managing director down has served time on the shop floor. This enables us to provide you with the expert advice and experience to ensure your project is delivered successfully, efficiently and to our uncompromising standards.

To find out more or to discuss your project further, contact us now.

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