Our Customers Come First

At Annandale Design, our passion for providing the best experience and service for both our new & loyal customers is paramount, with our company motto ‘honest people, solid results’ reflecting this. Complete customer satisfaction is vital to our business. Our people are driven, down to earth, reliable and honest, providing a professional & quality focused service.


Back in January this year, we embarked on a customer research programme to find out exactly what our customers thought about our family business. Although we have always practiced what we preach, we were overjoyed with the outcome, and thought we would share some of their thoughts below.

“In Annandale Design we found a company who were open to new ideas and willing to listen and implement changes to their work patterns. This has resulted in a company whose ethos is now focused upon listening to their clients and offering clients sound technical guidance, based on experience which is backed-up by a professional and proficient service. Their client after sales service is first rate gaining them a very high client satisfaction rating”.

“Annandale Design are honest, down to earth and deliver solid work by solid people”

“They offer a cradle to grave system for all your architectural needs, whilst being friendly and approachable.”

If you would like to work with a company, who will always put their customers first, get in touch at enquiries@annandaledesign.co.uk.